Clifford Curry

I grew up learning construction and customer service working in my dad’s lumberyard in Bloomington, Indiana and building houses on my own in Southern Indiana. Later I attended and graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Design.  While there a classmate and I designed and built a community center in rural Harlan, Kentucky. I also became Bloomington’s first Planning Director. I completed and led adoption of a comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance. I moved to Salem, Oregon to be in charge of downtown urban renewal.

Most of my professional career has been as the architect for retirement housing industry pioneer William Colson.  Colson and a group of partners, including myself, built over 40,000 units in senior-living communities across the United States, Canada, and England. These retirement housing complexes sold in 2007. 

In addition to running an architectural practice, I owned a design build construction company which built Leeds certified mixed use, historic renovation, and new buildings.

In 2009 I sold the architectural practice to some of the employees and started a little investment company, called Little Fish.
I continue to practice architecture with a primary focus on architectural service. I co-founded and serve on the boards of the Curry Stone Foundation, the Curry Stone Design Prize, and serve on the board of Architecture for Humanity.
I enjoy bicycle riding, cross-country skiing, yoga, and, in my spare time, carving a chair from a walnut burl. My primary residence is in Oregon, but am hugely mobile.